MyNP is a membership practice.  After our intial intake fee is recongized, we accept straight Medicare assignment. We will file your insurance with Medicare on your behalf. There are no travel fees or additional fees for your MyNP Provider visit.  We are unable to accept HMO plans at this time. The patient will be responsible for any co-payments or deductibles (just like an insurance based office visit) that are not covered by your insurance. MyNP will send three (3) statements for all uncovered balances, as is required by law.

Appointment Times

MyNP providers are currently accepting new patients and appointment times are available Monday through Friday between the times of 9AM and 4PM. A new patient visit is typically available within 2-3 business days of initial request by patient or family and verification of Medicare

benefits.  Existing patients can be seen within 24- 48 (business) hours of a phone call to the office for urgent matters.  You will have access to our 24-hour emergency phone line. Because most of our patients suffer with chronic conditions which require close monitoring, our providers generally see patients on a routine basis of every 4-6 weeks.  MyNP limits each practitioner's case load to allow the time necessary to focus on each patient.

OFFICE: 561.379.6421 FAX: 888.786.0585 

Cash Payment: Introducing a new private pay option. In response to customer demand, MyNP has implemented a competitive self-pay option plan. After examining local ‘comparables’ and industry standards at the regional level; a competitive payment schedule has been put in place for patients that opt for private pay. Current rates shall be reevaluated on a yearly basis to adjust for inflation and local health care trends. An initial visit shall remain the baseline encounter. The patient should expect this visit to be very comprehensive and it will allow the patient to establish a much needed medication profile at their desired pharmacy. MyNP will furnish any documentation that the patient may so desire. Follow up visits shall be on a sliding scale rate and will be coordinated as that patient’s health status dictates. An invoice will be executed by the MyNP staff within 24 hours of service rendered. Please contact MyNP for more details and how this program differs, as well as coincides with, an insurance based visit.