MyNP Providers include local, experienced, highly qualified nurse practitioners who work in partnership with an experienced local internal medicine physician. We exclusively serve Palm Beach County.  We reside here, and take great pride in being your locally based, primary care practice for home bound patients.  Follow-up and acute care visits will be made by your assigned MyNP Provider.

In-Home Primary Care Services

MyNP offers in-home, primary health care that includes medication management with prescriptive authority, specialist referrals as indicated, referrals for skilled nursing, chronic disease management, hospice transition, palliative care, family therapy coordination, diagnostic imaging, lab draws, and a wealth of disease management specializations including but not limited to:

Chronic Conditions
  -Alzheimer’s disease
  -Congestive Heart Failure
  -Hospice Transition
  -Parkinson’s disease
  -Wound Care

Acute Conditions
  -Upper Respiratory Infections
  -Chest Pain Evaluation
  -Shortness of Breath
  -Urinary Tract Infections
  -Abdominal Pain

Services Provided at Home
 -Collaboration w/PCP
 -Diabetes Management
 -Hypertension Management
 -Preventive Care
 -Health Screenings
 -Medication Management
 -Transitional Care
 -Pre-op Physicals

OFFICE: 561.379.6421 FAX: 888.786.0585